When Is A Biennial Smog Test Required?

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Vehicles with VIN numbers (not license plate numbers) ending in an even-digit demand inspection in even numbered years; vehicles using odd-ending digit or a letter require inspection in odd numbered years.

The foundation for this loophole within California Law could not be determined so that you should assume that the waiver is based upon the Constitutional right of citizens to freely cross state borders with their personal property.
The only place to get a California Smog is in the State of California.

If you look at Box B (entitled Certificate of Compliance Exemption) of the DMV form called ‘STATEMENT OF FACTS’ you will see this line:

“Vehicle is located outside the State of California”
(Exception: Nevada and Mexico)

This one works in all scenarios. This loophole is only intended for those whose vehicles are officially out of their home state and whose owners face a Catch-22 situation. When you use this particular one, at times the clerk will provide you the registration and decals, and sometimes they will send them into the out-of-state address which you MUST provide on the rear of this STATEMENT OF FACTS…
Make certain to provide a valid out-of-state address, otherwise the post office will return the registration and decals to Sacramento, and you’ll then need to phone your local DMV and provide them your California address so that Sacramento will resend the papers.

Although there aren’t any counties in California with no smog requirement there are counties without a smog that is bienniel requirement, only the transfer smog applies in these counties.

The only DMV limitation on change of address is that you can do it only once in a 30 day span. All documents permit for a distinct mailing as well as residential address. When determining smog residential address and ZIP code is a critical requirement.

The long and short of it is, if you own a vehicle in California, you’re going to need to pass a smog test in order to stay current on your vehicle’s registration. You can look for ways to get out of it but your best bet is to bring your car, truck, van or SUV to Rocklin Smog and let our professional smog techs take care of your vehicle.